Herbarium Co

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We are Herbarium.

California’s premium cannabis dispensary

Founded on the fact that cannabis is essential to daily life, Herbarium provides an environment for cannabis that encourages curiosity, education, and open-minded conversations about this beneficial plant. We strive to talk openly about it, to motivate further innovation and understanding of its many uses. Further, we advocate for complete decriminalization of cannabis. At every level. Everywhere.

As such, we are no ordinary brand. To us, your experience matters. We want it enriching. Fulfilling. It is our goal to share knowledge. To help you incorporate cannabis in a way that complements your life. That is what we are. An experience. A lifestyle. This is only possible with quality cannabis. For this reason, we care deeply about the standard and authenticity of the weed that we sell.

Our quality promise is exclusive. Being a top attraction for locals and tourists alike, we do not waver. We only provide the very best cannabis. The highest quality. Medical grade. No less. This applies to all our products, from buds and pre-rolls to tinctures and other extracts, edibles, and beverages, topicals, concentrates, even our weed accessories. All undergo independent testing to guarantee it.

Herbarium believes in customer service. Every member of our team goes through extensive training to help you find just what you need, right when you need it most. It is our goal to teach people about cannabis, advocate for its freedom, and have you very, very stoned. We promote memorable experiences, bringing cannabis into your personal spaces. Because you deserve the very best herb.

Our Reason for Life

We make it our mission to:

TEACH you about weed and the many ways using it can benefit your life, no matter how you use it.
ADVOCATE for freeing the herb. For decriminalizing cannabis completely and for helping marginalized and minority communities most harmed by its prohibition.
LIFT you higher than you have ever been before, in all aspects of your cannabis experience.