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Because you
deserve the
very best weed

Herbarium is California’s premier marijuana dispensary. Where weed lovers everywhere go for the finest bud in town. We put you first. Your experience. Your preference. Your impression of us. As such, quality matters. We source only premium grade. Guaranteed. We do it legally, safely, and with only you in mind. This puts us at the forefront of cannabis delivery.

Highest Quality Guarantee

We take our quality guarantee very seriously. As such, we send every product we sell to a third party first for independent testing. Each gets a Certificate of Analysis telling us which cannabinoids and terpenes are present, as well as a clean test for any contaminants, like solvents and pesticides.

Best Menu in Los Angeles

At Herbarium, we believe in choice. Our menu offers many options. It is comprehensive. Extensive. It includes top products from top suppliers, as well from as our very own lines. We have different strains. For different effects. Buds. Oils. Tinctures. Edibles. Concentrates. Beverages. Topicals. More.

Expert Advice when You Need It

Our staff are the friendliest around. They are also the smartest. Trained extensively in everything cannabis, our employees are very knowledgeable about it. Experts in the field. They know which products might help you most. And they are available for advice at any given time.

Very Popular Delivery Service

Famous for delivering the best weed faster than anybody else, Herbarium takes pride in its delivery service. Our drivers undergo the strictest training. In driving. In hospitality. In logistics. They are friendly, efficient, much quicker than you. Some are now household names.

Most Affordable in Town

Herbarium offers the best quality cannabis at the most affordable prices. Our relationships with reputable suppliers allow us to promote their products at much cheaper rates. We have specials. Coupons. Deals. Promotions. Events. In short, many opportunities to save cash.


      What Our Customers Say

      We do not want to brag. So, we let our customers do it for us: